On Creative Writing

I am an aspiring writer myself.

And just as this creative writing class has ended, one question continued to linger on my mind. Would being a writer is really the path I’m destined to fall? Or becoming a writer was just a fascination during those childhood days?

One very important lesson I have learned in this creative writing class is that every writer is unique. Sure, I am not as good as Emily Dickinson whose excellence and proficiency in writing is recognized later after she was gone, or I am not as good as the legend William Shakespeare whose name resounds as the “best” in all generations past and future, but I am unique in my own way.

Creative writing class with Professor Mr. Januar Yap

Many writers from around the globe have come and gone, and that many books and other write-ups had been published and reprinted overtime, themes of love, of death, of courage has repeated over and over again. But it’s just so amazing to know that when you jot down with this themes, it still differs to how you explain it, the way you do and no one else can that makes it distinct from the others.

I have learned that we ought not to be like another Chuacer, or another Howthorne or another Dickens because these people had live and write the way they ought to be and you as a budding writer, you should show to the world that you are another different aspirant in the world of writing. It’s great to learn from these people who are masters in their field but it’s also anticipating to look forward to what you can contribute as a newcomer in the world of literature.

Just as in any other task, when passion and enthusiasm is out of the picture, you cannot expect a masterpiece. “Passion drives perfection” they say. In like manner, writing is fun and fulfilling to people who love what they’re doing and they gain contentment out of it…

Yes, it’s true that not all of us would want to become writers in the future. In the scale of 50, perhaps only 2 would gain the interest. Writing is boring, time and energy-consuming but to people who are born-writers, it is their way of expressing themselves, and sharing a part of them to the rest of the world—to the whole of humanity.

In this creative writing class also, I have discovered that to be a writer, you must be a wide reader. Books can provide a variety of information, as to styles and techniques in writing, as to how real writers act and behave.

Yes, I am an aspiring writer myself but sometimes thoughts would popped-up my mind to whether I really love to pursue this profession and join the wagon of professional writers in the future. I am not as good as people expect me to be. But I know and I’m convinced, I am unique and special in my own way. In one way or another, time becomes nearer when all this concepts and techniques I have learned from my previous and present creative writing classes, I will someday apply, for sooner or later, I will be facing the real world of literature. One day, all those lessons I have extracted from my four years of studying as a student of literature will be applied.

Looking back to those old days of childhood, I can still quite remember, how fond I am and in love with stationeries and all those writing materials. How I love to collect quotes that somehow strikes the deepest part of me and how I love to tell people that someday soon I will become a writer. This creative writing class has encouraged me so much especially learning from a professor who is a master in this field… It has given me insights of what the real world of literature is all about. It has opened doors for me to foresee journalism at its best…♥


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