“I knew that God was rich. There was no question about that… He owns the universe.”

Came 2005 when we have to leave the church building we rented for several years and transfer to another worship assembly hall for financial reasons. This time, it was smaller. This time, t’was not air-conditioned. And this time, it was not your typical church building. It was a school. A school?!?

How in the world would you consider having a classroom to hold your Sunday service?

In my mind, I can’t really comprehend why we have to be in this place. We could have rented a commercial space building for our Sunday service. The one with a wider space. The one that really looks like your ideal church building. The type where you can be proud of when you have visitors coming in from other congregation. But a school?! Duh?!

I used to pray to GOD to provide us a better & more beautiful place to worship Him. He was rich in the first place. Why can he not provide his people a more formal place for fellowship? Every time my eyes lay across tall buildings & sort of mansion-like structures, I used to question GOD.

“You can provide such nice places for these people, (people whom by the way did not live there to worship you but only to attend to their businesses & other affairs of this world, then how come you can’t provide it for us, your children?”

A better worship assembly area is all we’re asking for. It was not that a school was not good. For me, it was just too informal and does not suit at all to the kind of activity we’re doing.

It was a crazy question, I know… And it was so good for HIM to attend to my non-sense complaint.

Transferring to a new place was like starting again from scratch. We wanted to start a Vacation Bible School but the number of kids in the church was just too few…

So we roam around the neighboring areas to find kids we can invite to attend our VBS.

We took the courage & the initiative as well to ask permission from their parents.

These children’s houses are just a walking distance from the school (oh, I mean, the church. 😀 )

Many children came to attend the VBS. It was indeed a pleasant surprise how they responded so quickly & how they got the support from their parents! And the next thing we know, they’re already attending Sunday school class regularly. And the number of children attending Sunday after Sunday just keeps getting bigger. Kids invite other kids from their neighborhood and friends and they bring in to the church.

Their eagerness to listen, be there every Sunday & learn about God’s word was so much an encouragement to us! They came to attend Bible class every week almost with no fail. They would rush around to the place very early even before we, the church goers, would be there. And some of them didn’t even have breakfast!

As far as I remember, five years had gone by already since we started this ministry for the kids. How time went by too fast! And the kids have proven countless number of times how their attendance every week was so consistent. It was like it has been a routine for them to come to the church every week. Some of the kids are so much of a grown up now. The first time we meet them; they were still carried and cuddled by their big brother or sister.

(They are so much a grown up now!)

And why it has to be a school? Why we had to sacrifice staying in a small-sized classroom that’s too hot?

God uses the school to be His instrument of drawing kids near to HIM.

God knew that the school was a perfect avenue for these kids to learn about his word and have fun with other kids who share the same passion and desire to seek HIM first.

GOD knew that there are a lot of children in that particular area where the school was located so he uses it to pave the way for them to come in and get to know HIM. To gather them all in one place and together, study and learn about his word.

God knew that the kids would be hesitant to come if the place was too formal, too proper, too nice, and too elegant. And I’m sure their parents wouldn’t so much like it too! They would think that we came from a different religion wanting to convert their children. We only want to share the good news about Jesus Christ and to minister to their precious little ones. So GOD uses the school since it’s the perfect place closest to a child’s heart for learning and studying, interact and share their life with other students.

Whenever I look back to the times when I tend to question GOD’s wisdom, I felt so ashamed. It made me realized how much my human mind has no match to his knowledge and wisdom- HIS GREATNESS. Oftentimes, we tend to tell God this is how you should do this and this is how you should do that and this is how things should be. But that’s not TRUST is all about. God is just too wise to make any mistakes.


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