Farewell :(

Farewell message to a fellow blogger, former schoolmate, laag buddy and moreover a dear friend 😥 July 16, 2016. This was our last photo taken with you. Though naa nakay sakit nga na feel aning panahona, but you were still the Jovel I know nga energetic, lively, tabian, positive… You shared to us your struggles and how you fight back to overcome your sickness. You were the strongest person I know. December 11, 2016 when bisan lisud na sa imuha ang molakaw because you were bedridden for months, still you made it to our highschool reunion. And I appreciate you … Continue reading Farewell 😦

Book Now!!!

Ever dreamed of a perfect vacation get-away? Dream no more! Amisa Private Residences is the best place to go! Located in Mactan, Cebu. For only 4K for 5 pax on weekdays, 4.5K for 5 pax on weekends, You can now enjoy a one night stay with: One(1) Bedroom Suite Condo Furnished with Balcony Room Features: – Flat TV with Sky Cable – WIFI available – Refrigerator – Water Dispenser – Airconditioner -King size beds + 2 queen size beds plus sofa bed, dining set, and balcony table and chairs – FREE Use of swimming pool – FREE SNACKS & DRINKS … Continue reading Book Now!!!

Beauty Vs. Faith

Kris: Importante ba kagandahan o mas importante yung… Daniel: Yung faith siguro… Kris: What… Daniel: Yung faith…       Kris: Ay bongga! Lahat siguro magiging ano, victory na!          Victory ka di ba, tama ba? Daniel: Yeah, tama victory. Kris: Kaya bigla lahat magjojoin..        (giggling, laughs… ) “You don’t really choose where you’re born, but in our hearts, we can choose where we belong to…” -Vanessa Matsunaga “The more reserved you are, the more beautiful you are, the more beautiful you become. The more you are reserved? The more the guys want you, the more they will fight for you.” –DM Continue reading Beauty Vs. Faith

I am Yours Forever

I am Yours Forever (This song states of how God demonstrates His love for is…It’s what Jesus did on the cross in behalf of us.. It’s called AMAZING GRACE. That although sometimes, we neglect His love for us but at the end of the day, we find ourselves wanting to come back to the father.Despite disobedience, rebellion and rejection, He is a loving father who’s willing to forgive and accepts us again his sons and daughters if we’ll just humbly ask for a second chance. We find ourselves amazed of HIS LOVE, of HIS GRACE that we wanna lay it … Continue reading I am Yours Forever

Take Me Back to You

Take Me back to You I am like a sheep longing for a shepherd I am like a pilgrim searching for a miracle I am like a wanderer lost in the desert I am like a warrior Wounded in the fight I have traveled so far, Without destination. But you have found me, And have taken me back to you. Oh Lord, Take me back to where you are And when this battle is over Show me the light of your face I want to rest I want to stay close to you I want to lay down safe– Like … Continue reading Take Me Back to You