I am Yours Forever

I am Yours Forever (This song states of how God demonstrates His love for is…It’s what Jesus did on the cross in behalf of us.. It’s called AMAZING GRACE. That although sometimes, we neglect His love for us but at the end of the day, we find ourselves wanting to come back to the father.Despite disobedience, rebellion and rejection, He is a loving father who’s willing to forgive and accepts us again his sons and daughters if we’ll just humbly ask for a second chance. We find ourselves amazed of HIS LOVE, of HIS GRACE that we wanna lay it … Continue reading I am Yours Forever

Take Me Back to You

Take Me back to You I am like a sheep longing for a shepherd I am like a pilgrim searching for a miracle I am like a wanderer lost in the desert I am like a warrior Wounded in the fight I have traveled so far, Without destination. But you have found me, And have taken me back to you. Oh Lord, Take me back to where you are And when this battle is over Show me the light of your face I want to rest I want to stay close to you I want to lay down safe– Like … Continue reading Take Me Back to You

Life’s Uncertainty Vs. God’s Goodness

As I sat down on that usual and familiar study table one evening, my thoughts about a lot of things began to unfold… anxiety for the most part. And as silence started to break free inside the house, I come to reflect on life’s uncertainty… So many questions boggling my mind. Mixed emotions arise— fear, doubt, uneasiness. Fear to live, fear to die, fear of tomorrow—fear to look at the horizon for I might not see  a clear and bright future ahead of me. I fear to look forward to another tomorrow for it might spell a sweet goodbye from … Continue reading Life’s Uncertainty Vs. God’s Goodness