The Past

The Past     There is a part of me That I wanted to go back— Something deep and memorable Something that would fill-up The long-lost puzzle.     It was hidden, Burried long, long time ago. Sometimes it pass by me And creates fleeting joy in my heart.   I wanted the memories to stay, Of childhood joy and laughter But time only allows me short time And it’s all been gone… And tears continue to shed my eyes. For a short time recollection of bitter-sweet memories… Continue reading The Past


The craziest thing I did for love was to let go of my grandmother, She meant the world to me. When I was a child up to know, I always tell God do not take her away from me because losing her would tear my world apart. But then, she was so old and so weak. I can’t afford anymore to see her suffer more in this life so I came to the point that already I told God, I’m letting her go…  Because in another life, I know, it would be a better place. No more tears, no more … Continue reading Grandma,