A Night with A1 in Cebu ♥

This same day last year, we never thought one of our teenage dreams will come true. A1 was in Cebu for the first time. It was beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. I couldn’t contain my happiness and excitement. I couldn’t believe they have landed already the Philippine soil and in my very own hometown and have been here for a while… Unfortunately, days passed but I still have not seen them. Til one day, I got the news that they will be playing at the Magellan’s Pub that night. That would be my first and probably the last time … Continue reading A Night with A1 in Cebu ♥

Titanic in 3D: Falling inlove with the movie, again and again… ♥♥♥

Photo credits to: Titanic in 3D (Official Fan Page) Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TitanicIn3D 10 years ago, I told myself if I become rich, I would rent the entire cinema so I could watch this movie in theatre-style. Back in 1997, I was only 10 when this film was first shown and never had the chance to watch it in the big screen. Now, I never thought I don’t have to spend a thousand bucks just to fulfill that childhood dream! Yes, I have watched TITANIC in theatre today! And it’s in 3D! With the best of special effects, you say! Haha … Continue reading Titanic in 3D: Falling inlove with the movie, again and again… ♥♥♥