The beauty of waiting

It’s like I’ve been asked this same question a million times, “Why are you still single?” So, I decided to write this blog. Some people ask out of curiosity, some intends to just bully, while some take comfort in knowing that you’re waiting on the Lord. 🙂 “God is able and willing to write beautiful love stories for those that leave the pen in His hands and follow his pattern.” – Leslie Ludy I love this wisdom from Lesie Ludy. Being in a relationship and eventually getting married is a lifelong commitment. It will determine 100% of your happiness or misery, … Continue reading The beauty of waiting

Broken :(

You’ve torn down the deepest part of me And oh, how I love to say! That you made me happy in no ordinary way. Yet with all these feelings that you let me feel, You also made me realized it was all broken. Wish you never came into my life, Wish I never knew you at all, So that these tears would not find its way falling, Down into the deepest part of my being. Nevertheless, I never would have experienced love If  it’s not been with you.. All I pray is that, Teach me to let go when there’s … Continue reading Broken 😦

To the boyband I love since I was 10…

“They got me thru my grade school days and grew up singing to their songs and a month from now they’re going their separate ways… 😦 You will be missed…” I can’t believe 14 years had gone by… I can still remember the first time I saw you on MTV way back grade school days. Hearing the song “Swear it Again” for the very first time made no impact to me. But this very song and you behind it, I never expected will one day become a very significant part of my life… xxx Westlife 10 years ago… I started … Continue reading To the boyband I love since I was 10…


“I knew that God was rich. There was no question about that… He owns the universe.” Came 2005 when we have to leave the church building we rented for several years and transfer to another worship assembly hall for financial reasons. This time, it was smaller. This time, t’was not air-conditioned. And this time, it was not your typical church building. It was a school. A school?!? How in the world would you consider having a classroom to hold your Sunday service? In my mind, I can’t really comprehend why we have to be in this place. We could have … Continue reading Precious!

God’s Love

Love. Sometimes we wonder, how can such a small word mean so much? In our lives, we found a hundred and thousand definitions of love. Love varies for different people, young and old. As one author Joshua Harris once said “Love is a patchwork of a thousand of indescribable moments”. Many people fall in and out of love many times in their lives and once in our lives we all experience this thing called LOVE. For many people it’s the sweetest thing on earth yet it can also give you the worst heartache you can ever imagine. In the same … Continue reading God’s Love

On Creative Writing

I am an aspiring writer myself. And just as this creative writing class has ended, one question continued to linger on my mind. Would being a writer is really the path I’m destined to fall? Or becoming a writer was just a fascination during those childhood days? One very important lesson I have learned in this creative writing class is that every writer is unique. Sure, I am not as good as Emily Dickinson whose excellence and proficiency in writing is recognized later after she was gone, or I am not as good as the legend William Shakespeare whose name … Continue reading On Creative Writing